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Frequently asked questions

Please allow 3 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) for us to receive and process your order. Any order received after 12:00 PM PT will begin processing the following business day. (Please note: If the order is placed after 12:00 PM PT on Friday, it will begin processing on the following Monday.)

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Processing Time:
Please allow 2 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) for the reception and processing of your order. Orders received after 12:00 PM PT will begin processing on the next business day. Kindly note: Orders placed after 12:00 PM PT on Friday will be processed the following Monday.

Pick-up Notification:
Once your order is prepared and ready for pick-up, we will send you a notification with the specific address of our Ateliers.

Please Note:
The Ateliers is exclusively for order pick-ups and is not a retail store.

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  1. Unwrap with Care:
    Gently remove and recycle the Biolefin plastic covering your Silknsoak cube. Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our commitment to your relaxation.
  2. Prepare the Cube:
    Embrace the essence of luxury by placing your cube into the provided organza bag. The delicate bag is designed to prolonged your aromatherapeutic journey.
  3. Set the Scene:
    Activate the magic of Silknsoak by briefly wetting the cube. However, depending on the size of your shower, you might choose not to wet the cube. Many of our clients with smaller showers have found that the cube releases its soothing scents effectively without the need for wetting. Remember, scent perception varies from person to person, and your Silknsoak experience is uniquely yours.

Enjoy the flexibility and personalization of your home spa experience with Silknsoak – where every shower becomes a tailored escape to tranquility.

Can I cancel or modify my order? Modifying or cancelling an order is possible so long as the merchandise has not yet entered the packaging or shipment phases.

What to do if I am missing an item from my order? Please email within 48 hours of receiving your order with a photo of everything you received and the packaging. We'll make sure that you receive everything you've ordered.

What to do if my packaging is missing? If your order has been marked as delivered, but you haven't received it, please wait 3 business days before reaching out to Carriers sometimes preemptively mark a package as delivered before they actually complete the delivery. We also recommend checking with your building management, concierge, mailroom, or neighbors to see if they received the package for you.

Exchanges and Returns?
At this moment, Silknsoak does not accept exchanges or returns. We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products.

Assistance with Issue/ If you encounter any issues with your order, we are here to help. Please reach out to us at, and we will promptly address your concerns.