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Aromatic scent shower steamer cube


Aroma: Driftwood + patchouli + mandarine

If you are looking for a woody, earthy scent shower experience, rest assured, you will undoubtedly appreciate this aromatherapeutic shower steamer cube's composition. This steamer brings a sense of confidence and comfort.



- 2 shower steamer cubes + 1 organza bag

How it works: 

Activated by the contact of hot water from your shower. 

It fizzes and releases its aromas from essential oils and fragrances into your shower to create a unique, aromatherapeutic experience through the steam of hot water.


What are the benefits:

- Can reduce tension 

- Sensation of relaxation like at the spa


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How to use

1- Remove all packaging.

2- With dry hands, insert he cube in the organza bag and hold it by the string.

3- In the shower, hold the bag by the string. Wet the bag for 2 to 5 secondes under running water to activate the cube.

4- Hang your bag in the shower.

key ingredients

Baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, fragrance*, menthol, witch hazel
*essential oil blend

More details

What is included:
2 shower steamers + 1 organza bag
Weight: 145g each
Color: white

More details:
- Made with care in Quebec
- Handcrafted
- Non toxic
- Vegan
- No phthalates
- No sulfate
- No parabens
- Can be kept for 3 months after packaging is removed
- Not tested on animals. Our ingredients are all verified by the Leaping Bunny organization
- Approved by Canadian Cosmetic Regulations
- Silknsoak is a member of the Craft Bath and Body Guild of Canada. An organization that acts as the spokesperson for Health Canada legislation
- For children and pregnant women, contact physician before use.
- Available for corporate orders

Ready to have the spa experience at home

feel relaxed,

stay relaxed

how to use our shower steamer cubes

Take out the cube from all packaging.

With dry hands, insert the cube in the organza bag included and hold the bag by the string.

In the shower, by holding the bag by the string, wet it for 2 to 5 seconds under hot water.

Hang your bag on a suction hook or faucet handle or somewhere in altitude inside the shower. Never on the floor.

Watch our video on how to use a shower steamer

The advantages of our shower steamer cubes

✓ Nicely packaged including an organza bag allowing a longer duration

✓ Contain no colorant

✓ Vegan and cruelty free product

✓ Safe for septic systems

✓ We only use pure essential oils and unique aromas

✓ Lasts longer than standard shower tablets placed on the floor that melts too quickly

✓ Unisex aroma products

✓ Perfect gift for daily use

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does one shower steamer cube last?

Depending on the use, approximately +/- 8 showers.

Can I use the shower steamer cube in my bath or spa?

No, we do not recommend using the shower steamer in your bath or the spa. Some shower steamers contain menthol making them not suitable for baths or spas.

Can I rub the shower steamer cube on my body like a soap?

No, shower steamers are NOT intended to clean the skin. Some steamers contain menthol therefore we recommend using shower steamer only for aromatherapy purposes. 

Can I put the shower steamer cube on the floor?

We do not recommend putting your shower steamer on the floor as it will wash away too quickly. In order to make you shower steamer last +/- 8 times simply use the organza bag sent with your order. Feel free to check our how to use video or instructions.

How long should I wet the shower steamer cube?

We recommend wetting the shower steamer 1 or 2 seconds under running water to activate it. Note that the more you wet it the stronger the scent will be in your shower but the faster it will dissolve.

How can I use the shower steamer cube, if I lost my organza bag?

Although using the organza bag is ideal, you can still use it by simply wetting it and placing it on a shelf.

I received the shower steamer cube as a gift, how do we use it?

1- Remove all packaging.

2- With dry hands, insert he cube in the organza bag and hold it by the string.

3- In the shower, hold the bag by the string. Wet the bag for 2 to 5 secondes under running water to activate the cube.

4- Hang your bag in the shower.

How do I make my shower steamer cube smell more or less strong?

The more you wet the shower steamer the stronger it will smell. The less you wet it, the less with will smell.

I love the scent of eucalyptus! Do you have other products with the same scent?

Yes! We have the scent of eucalyptus in other shower steamers, bath bombs, bath fizzes & linen sprays. 

Do you do B2B corporate sales?

Yes we do! please send us an email at
If you don’t see what’s on your mind on our FAQ, let us know how we can help. 
We’ve got you covered!


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